BlueBinaries in the SpotLight at DVN Paris Workshop

15 Feb, 2023

Automotive lighting practice has become more sophisticated in both its innovations and its technology. Striking the necessary balance between visibility and glare has been a perpetual problem for the regulation and design of automotive lighting.

BlueBinaries at the DVN workshop had the pleasure of sponsoring and engaging with Innovative minds, technology leaders and experts got together to discuss and figure out new ways to work and build exceptional lighting solutions that are convenient, innovative, and futuristic to make mobility experience exceptional for users.

During the event BlueBinaries showcased creating innovative design solutions such as a bifunctional projector, RGB ambient light engine, and an advanced smart animation electronics module for exterior lighting applications. These solutions are being developed by the digital mobility team, and will enable a transformation towards the next generation of digitized lighting systems. BlueBinaries is also working on the digitization of ambient lighting systems through the SDV (software defined vehicle) platform. This will create new user experiences and business models for OEMs and system suppliers. The presentation also featured advanced research in diffractive optical element design, determining BlueBinaries as a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions.

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