Vehicle E/E Architecture

Vehicle E/E Architecture

With the ever-growing number of E/E components in modern vehicles, complexity of E/E systems is increasing at a fast paced. All the seemingly futuristic technology has been possible today due to the amalgamation of advanced sensors/actuators and suitable hardware run by equally intelligent software algorithms riding on the back of cloud connectivity platforms.

The automotive E/ E architecture is rapidly evolving with the expeditious advancement in vehicle network communication. Increasing demand for a diligent network communication design that can ensure reliable and efficient communication and operation of all complex components within a vehicle is driving the transition to enablement of Software Defined Vehicles. It is critical for OEMs to integrate an optimal design that guarantee data effectiveness, functional safety and cyber security while facilitating the exchange of information between various zonal or domain control units at the early phase of vehicle development for cost benefits and improved vehicle timeline.

Spectrum of Competencies

BlueBinaries brings Network Communication solutions to global OEMs helping them create a completely scalable Network Architecture platform for different needs exhibiting a strong proficiency in solutions for Network Communication Design:

  • Optimal Network Communication design in Configuration tool
    • Designing Frames, PDUs and Signals and encapsulating it to offer maximum bandwidth optimization and throughput
  • Functional logical design
    • Designing of vehicle features and requirements in Functional logical level in configuration tools
  • Functional Gateway
    • Building Gateway requirement for PDUs & Signals between the Networks to ensure an optimal design between routing load and bus bandwidth
  • Functional Safety & Cybersecurity
    • Designing and implementing various E2E profiles for functional safety and various security profiles for Secure Onboard Communication
  • Networking Parameters design
    • Implementing Network Management and Diagnostics design

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