Electrification Systems

Electrification Systems

The automotive domain is undergoing a revolution because of raising concerns over the environment. To achieve this, there is an accelerated demand for the electrification of vehicle components which includes design, development, and testing.

At BlueBinaries, we understand this transformation and as a team of enthusiastic engineers and innovators, we are ready to drive this change with a passion towards engineering in a cost effective and technologically relevant ecosystem.

Systems of expertise :

  • HV & LV ePT components
  • DCDC converters and Inverters
  • On Board Chargers
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Electric Motors and drive systems

Expertise :

  • Product Specialists in Battery Management Systems (BMS), DC-DC Converter and Inverter
  • System and component engineering of ePT system
  • ePT architecture design and integration
  • HW & SW systems and component development
  • Testing and validation expertise in component testing
  • Testing and validation expertise in functional testing of the vehicle and Labcar

Resources :

Ready to use infrastructure and solutions for Labcar testing, SW&HW Development, Testing and Validation

Spectrum of competencies :

ePT systems development requires expertise in design, simulation, testing and validation. Our experts have a variety of skills to provide better services.

  • Component design
  • System Engineering – Requirements, Design, Integration, and Testing
  • Architecture design – Functional & Drive Train, ePT functions and control strategy definition
  • Hardware design and development – Requirement, Design, Simulation, Testing and Validation
  • Software design and development – Requirement, Design, and Testing

Recent Advancements :

  • Wireless charging of the HV battery packs
  • Wireless battery management systems
  • Superfast charging which can charge the battery in a lesser time (<20 mins)
  • Higher energy density battery packs with reduced volume and weight

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