Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

The electrical distribution system of the vehicle is like the circulatory system that powers up life into the multitude of features in the automobile. With the rapid momentum of technological advancements, electrical systems must maximize efficiency.

The highly experienced team at BlueBinaries have worked on a diverse range of technologies in rendering the design and integration, wiring harness development and testing, vehicle build support for the pioneering automotive OEMs and suppliers across the world.

Spectrum of competencies

Electrical design :

  • Functional Logic
  • Schematics design
  • Power Distribution
  • Grounding Distribution
  • ECAD Simulation
  • Integration of new components into the schematic design with safety and security schemes
  • Harness manufacturing support
  • Harness testing – lab and vehicle level

3D packaging and integration :

  • WH Topology Definition
  • Packaging, Routing & Space Claiming
  • EE component packaging
  • Homologation & Ergonomics analysis.
  • Stack up analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Assembly/PDM Drawings

2D harness development :

  • Wiring Diagram
  • Library creation & management
  • BOM management
  • MCAD to ECAD synchronization
  • WH supplier Collaboration
  • Aftermarket Implementation

Testing and validation :

  • Testing Standard Definition
  • Component Validation
  • Bench Level Tests
  • Vehicle Validation
  • Ground Resistance Measurement
  • Instrumentation & Datalogging

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