Diagnostics & EOL

Diagnostics & EOL

Automotive diagnostics has gone through a rapid transition in the past decade with the introduction of EV’s, Hybrid vehicles, connected cars etc, with the adoption of complex architecture involving multiple ECU’s & HPC’s. This has made the diagnosing process much more complex for the end user, thus impacting the building & integration of the engineering which serves as the heart of the troubleshooting process.

BlueBinaries was hence driven to create a platform which caters all sectors of automotive industry from Engineering, Manufacturing, Aftersales & Aftermarket providing an E2E solution for diagnostics needs.

Our unique SAAS based model gives the user a flexibility to pick and choose the solution that could fit in their own product as part of their ecosystem or use our tailormade solutions. Our expert vehicle doctors work in transforming the way diagnostics is helping to troubleshoot!!

Spectrum of competencies :

BlueBinaries is the game changer in bringing cutting edge technologies which transforms troubleshooting to a different league through our smartest diagnostics solutions.

We work on a broad range of systems:

  • Requirement & System engineering involving all type of diagnostic & communication protocol
  • Data authoring of ISO based data formats like(ODX/OTX) and proprietary data formats
  • Solutions of predictive diagnostics, remote diagnostics, fleet management, aftersales & aftermarket products, technical publication, service scan tools, service lifecycle management and many more
  • We produce our own ASAM compliant Diagnostic stack
  • Platform independent support (Window/mobile/tab.embedded)

Expertise :

  • System design, architecture, and Software development for Linux ,Windows Android OS based systems​
  • End to End System & Software Integration ​
  • End to End System Engineering
  • End to End requirement engineering
  • Data authoring over any diagnostic & communication protocol
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, Aftersales & Aftermarket solution creators/providers

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